DIY Lemon Cake Sugar Scrub with Essential Oils

Simple lemon cake sugar scrub recipe using only a few ingredients! The Well Nourished Nest

Did the title of this post make you drool? It should have, because today’s DIY lemon cake sugar scrub smells just as good as it sounds! Any lemon cake or cookie fans out there? My hand is raised! I absolutely love the taste of anything lemon that’s sweet, and the smell is half the reason I [...]

The Toxin Free Home

Toxins in the home

Are you constantly looking for new ways to make your home a healthier, safer place for your family? I am! With two little ones constantly crawling, climbing, rolling, and dancing around our home, I am always on the lookout for hidden dangers. As mothers, it’s easy for us to spot the more obvious dangers like [...]

Why Our Kids Only Have 3 Rules

Parenting - Why we only have 3 rules - The Well Nourished Nest

Do you find, in parenting, that you’re constantly telling your kids no? Do you feel like you you’re always spouting off another thing that “we do not do in this household” because of reason x,y, or z? I was definitely there, momma. Up until just recently, I had at least 50 rules for my 3 year [...]

Tips for Breast Feeding in Public, Comfortably

Tips for breast feeding in public while staying modest! The Well Nourished Nest

Nursing in public can be a bit tricky! Here are my favorite tips for breast feeding in public, while staying comfortable and modest! If you are one of those “let it all hang out cause’ it’s natural” mamas, then this is not for you. While I have several friends like that, and love them and respect [...]

Scented Milk Bottle DIY Candles

DIY Milk bottle candles perfect for gifts! The Well Nourished Nest

DIY candles make great gifts for just about anyone! They are so versatile, as you can customize the scent, color, and presentation. Today’s milk bottle candle is a lovely, classic that will please anyone who enjoys the beautiful and simple things in life! Those who have ever visited my house know that I love rustic, [...]

12 Must-Take Yearly Photos of Your Little Ones

Photography - List of 12 photos to take of your little ones every year! The Well Nourished Nest

“I have more pictures of my children than my father ever looked at me! And i just keep taking them. I download them, and don’t even weed through them. I’m like, eh, I’ll just get another computer. That’ll be my Disney trip computer.” – Jim Gaffigan With digital pictures, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with [...]

Essential Oil Gift Tags – Free Printables

Printable gift tags with cute sayings for essential oils! The Well Nourished Nest

Around here, it seems like there’s always a birthday party or baby shower coming up! I love parties and celebrating with friends, but finding the perfect gift has always been a bit of a struggle, and I always end up settling for a gift card. However, I’ve recently found a new favorite gift to give: [...]

Goodbye Picky Eaters! – 4 Tips for Raising Healthy Kids

Picky eaters in your house? These 4 tips will help your children begin to actually LIKE to eat healthy! The Well Nourished Nest

Do you have picky eaters in your home? If you have kids, chances are that you said yes. However, that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way! Here are 4 tips that will help your child begin to LOVE eating healthy! “No me like peas!” says the tenacious two-year-old from the dinner table. The [...]

How to Clean a Changing Pad with Just a Few Ingredients!

Here's how to restore your changing pad using just a few ingredients! The Well Nourished Nest

Cleaning your changing pad doesn’t have to be difficult! Here’s a simple how-to you’ll love! If you’ve got a little one in diapers at home, you’ve probably become quite the expert in stain removal! They are messy little cuties, aren’t they? From diaper messes, to spit up, to food stains, they keep us on our [...]

25 Kisses Family Challenge and Free Printable for Valentine’s Day!

Kisses 25 cents

Take this 25 kisses Valentine’s Day challenge with your family, and get this free Valentine’s Day printable too!   It’s no secret that this time of year brings out an overflow of romance. We often equate this time of year with dating, marriage, engagements, and other celebrations of love. So why not take this opportunity [...]