Indoor Games for Kids – Pasta Play

An indoor activitiy for preschoolers! Pasta Play! The Well Nourished Nest

When you need something to keep your little ones busy, having some indoor games for kids that you can grab is so helpful! Today’s activity is fun for all ages! Do any of you mommas feel like the craziest part of your day happens just as you’re getting dinner ready? For me, if my hubby [...]

Scented Milk Bottle DIY Candles

DIY Milk bottle candles perfect for gifts! The Well Nourished Nest

DIY candles make great gifts for just about anyone! They are so versatile, as you can customize the scent, color, and presentation. Today’s milk bottle candle is a lovely, classic that will please anyone who enjoys the beautiful and simple things in life! Those who have ever visited my house know that I love rustic, [...]

12 Must-Take Yearly Photos of Your Little Ones

Photography - List of 12 photos to take of your little ones every year! The Well Nourished Nest

“I have more pictures of my children than my father ever looked at me! And i just keep taking them. I download them, and don’t even weed through them. I’m like, eh, I’ll just get another computer. That’ll be my Disney trip computer.” – Jim Gaffigan With digital pictures, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with [...]

Celebrating Motherhood – 15 Signs That You’re a Mom of Little Ones

Signs that you're a mom of little ones

I once heard someone say that having children is like living in a frat house; there’s always something sticky, something is always getting broken, and there is always someone up at night. Isn’t that the truth?! Motherhood is not easy! Today, this one is for you, moms of little crawlers, droolers, and cuddlers! Just when you [...]

Essential Oil Gift Tags – Free Printables

Printable gift tags with cute sayings for essential oils! The Well Nourished Nest

Around here, it seems like there’s always a birthday party or baby shower coming up! I love parties and celebrating with friends, but finding the perfect gift has always been a bit of a struggle, and I always end up settling for a gift card. However, I’ve recently found a new favorite gift to give: [...]

Bible Verses for Children Proverbs 31:25


Have you seen all of our Bible verses for children in this series? These short Bible verses have been made into printables for using to teach your kids the word! Today’s verse is Proverbs 31:25, and would make an adorable printable for a little girl’s room or nursery! As a mother of girls, this verse has always been [...]

Organic Shirley Temple and Veri Soda Giveaway

Veri Soda Review

I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms Meet program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group [...]

7 Preschool Math Activities

Counting games for preschoolers - The Well Nourished Nest

Today I have a collection of preschool math activities to share with you! These fun and easy activities work on number recognition and counting. Do you know that thrill you get when you successfully complete a DIY decor project, make a fantastic dinner, or teach your child to tie their shoes? Well that’s the same [...]

Amazing Grace Hymn Free Printable

Hymn printable - Amazing Grace

Today I have a printable to share with you, that uses the lyrics from one of my favorite hymns, Amazing Grace. For those of you who follow along with our weekly Bible verses for children printables, you are probably wondering why I’m posting a hymn instead of a verse! Well, I do have a reason [...]

Dear Mother, You Will Never Be Enough

Mommy guilt - You will never be enough, but that's ok. The Well Nourished Nest

If you are drowning in mommy guilt and the mistakes of yesterday…this is for you, sweet mother. Dear sweet mother, I know you because I was you. I felt your struggles, fears, regrets, and guilt. I sat with you in the evenings, and allowed the guilt of that day’s painful mistakes to lay heavy on [...]