The Pressure of Pinterest Perfection

Raise your hand if you frequently use the phrase “That’s so Pinterest” to describe something trendy, or if you can’t get dressed in the morning without consulting your fashion board pins, or if your bedroom is made out of DIY pallet furniture. No, just me? Okay, so I may not have DIY pallet furniture, but [...]

The Busy Mom’s Guide to Choosing the Right Milk

Milk…it does the body good, right? Not sure which type of milk is right for your family? Here’s a quick breakdown of the most common types of milks, their benefits, and their shortcomings. Cows Milk Benefits: MIlk is a good source of calcium, vitamin D, vitamin K, riboflavin, potassium, and B12. There are studies that [...]

The Busy Mom’s Guide to Organic Produce

Okay, so the kids are napping, dinner has been prepped, and you’ve got five minutes until the next load of laundry finishes! Here’s your five minute guide to organic produce! Ready, set, go! What is Organic Produce? Organic produce is produce grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, radiation, or artificial food additives. [...]

No Complaining Please!

Ahh. Do you hear that sound? Silence. Absolute, complete, uncontaminated silence. This is the one time of day when I can hear myself think—only after I finally get “The Wheels on the Bus” out of my head, that is. Now don’t get me wrong, the sounds of the day are beautiful too! I love the [...]

Nourishing the Tiniest Soul

As a former first grade and kindergarten teacher, there is nothing that feels more second nature to me in motherhood than teaching. As Paislee, my two year old, and I sit and play kitties, tea party, or hide and seek, I’m constantly teaching, reteaching, and quizzing. By nature, I remain aware of the “teachable moments” [...]