Egg Carton Reindeer Sleigh Craft for Kids

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Looking for Christmas craft ideas? I’ve got one for the kids today that is just as fun to play with as it is to make!

Egg Carton Reindeer Christmas craft for kids

There is something my three-year-old loves more than anything; a good pair of pajamas. She literally has a whole collection of pajamas and refuses to wear anything else when we are at the house. There is one pair in particular that she has been so excited about lately, and it’s an adorable pair of red reindeer pajamas. Ever since pulling these special Christmas jammies out, she’s been talking about all things reindeer! This is what inspired today’s craft!

Sometimes craft ideas come to me in the most unusual way, like while cooking eggs at 6:30 in the morning! Just a few days ago I was doing exactly that, and sat their looking at the egg carton before I threw it away. I always try and come up with recycled crafts like this toilet paper roll caterpillar or our lemon juice bottle duck. While looking at the carton and listening to my daughter singing “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” in the other room, this idea came to me! I don’t know who was more giddy about making it, me or her.

Here’s how we created our egg carton reindeer craft!

Items Needed: 

Egg Carton

Brown Paint

Googly Eyes

Red Pom Poms


Construction Paper

Hot Glue

Pipe Cleaners

Black Marker

What to do:

Reindeer craft for kids

Cut the egg carton in half. Paint brown and let dry. (We used watered down brown paint to make it stretch farther since the carton soaks it up.)

Cut out small circles for reindeer heads. Add googly eyes, pom poms for noses, and pipe cleaners for the antlers using hot glue.

Attach a ribbon to the side of the carton for the “reigns”.

Using a black marker, draw the hooves on the reindeer legs.

Make the back of the sleigh by attaching red construction paper to the carton.

Play! :)

Have any more Christmas craft ideas? I’d love to hear them!

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    • 4 says

      Thank you Sandy! Yes we do! Although my daughter was just as happy putting Littlest Pet Shop animals on the back. ;)

    • 15 says

      Thank you!! I love all your ideas with recycled materials too! We think alike when looking in the recycling bin! :)

    • 19 says

      Thanks Ian! That is so cute!! I love it! I’ve never heard “Six White Boomers”, but am gonna have to look it up now!

      • 20


        “Six White Boomers” was most famously recorded by Rolf Harris (who was recently in the news for all the wrong reasons, but the carol’s popularity Down Under should override it). From memory, there are versions on Youtube.

  1. 21

    Judi says

    Love this! I think what would be cute is make a very small flannel red bag with a drawstring and fill it with minature toys that you can see. Leave on the back on the sleigh and tell your preschooler that Santa is filling the sleigh. then on Christmas morning before they are up, remove the bag and take those minature toys and put them in the kid’s stockings!


  1. […] Last, but not least, another DIY Christmas craft idea that can also double as a great keepsake is the egg carton reindeer sleigh – who would have guessed that you can create such a wonderful decoration by simply turning the egg carton upside down, painting it and adding some reindeer decorations to it? All you need for this creative craft for kids is an egg carton, some brown paint that will help you make the sleigh look realistic, some construction paper, googly eyes, red pom poms, a ribbon, some hot glue and a black marker! Tutorial here: link […]

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