Ultimate Hospital Gift Bag – Best Gifts for New Moms

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Do you have an expectant new mom you’re thinking of? Here’s a gift bag to bring to the hospital full of the best gifts for new moms!

The Best Gifts for New Moms- The must-have gift bag to bring every new mother!

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At 38 weeks pregnant, it’s no secret that I’ve got baby on the brain! Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing on the day my first baby was born. What an exciting, indescribable event that was. No one can prepare you for it, and nothing can compare to it.

However, there is a part of me that has great sympathy for first time moms. While the first few days to a month after your baby is born can be a truly magical experience, it can also be completely overwhelming, painful, and exhausting. I know that my first month was one filled with emotional highs and lows, accompanied by a lack of sleep, plenty of fear, and breastfeeding pains that made labor look easy. Plus you are suddenly very aware of your new body after pregnancy!

So I’ve come up with a list of all the must-haves for new moms. These are some of the things I needed and appreciated after the birth of my first child, as well as some others recommended by fellow mommies. Putting even just some of theses items together in a gift basket and delivering it to a new mom in the hospital, is sure to make her transition just a little bit smoother!

I’ve also included a free printable card for you to use to write a little note about what you included and why! By downloading, you are agreeing to my terms of use.

Ultimate Hospital Gift Bag – Best Gifts for New Moms

1) Lanolin Cream – Lanolin is seriously a nursing mother’s best friend. I wouldn’t have made it through breastfeeding without it. Lanolin is a 100% natural and safe cream that soothes your sore, cracked, and worn out “ninnies”. It takes some getting used to at first, as it feels thick and greasy like Vaseline, but it is the only thing that truly works miracles! I used Lansinoh Lanolin which can be purchased almost anywhere including Walmart and Target. Or you can purchase it here.

2) Breast Feeding Bracelet – Breastfeeding alone can be truly overwhelming. Suddenly you are the sole provider for your baby’s nourishment, and all the pressure is on you! You are now obsessing over how many ounces you’re producing, what time your baby last ate, and which side you last fed on. Someone recommended that I wear a bracelet on the side I last fed on to help me remember. Brilliant, right?! You can easily just make this suggestion as well, or you can purchase a cute breastfeeding bracelet like this one!

3) The International La Leche League US Hotline Number- This one won’t cost you a dime, and might be the most important gift in the bag! The La Leche League offers breastfeeding support nationwide including classes and a 24 hour hotline that you can leave a message on. Breastfeeding support is crucial for a new mommy as it can often be very difficult! The number is 1-877-452-5324.

4) Vitamin D capsules- Ok, I know. This is not exactly the first thing you think of when you think of a gift for a new mom. However, many women battle a period of sadness after the baby is born and vitamin D is a super-hero in boosting your mood! I already have these out on the counter for after my next baby! I went through a few weeks of the “baby blues” the first time around, and I can almost guarantee that I was deficient in vitamin D, as I was barely getting outside! You can purchase these supplements at any health food store. Here is what I personally take: Now Foods Vitamin D.

5) Chocolate- My personal favorite gift for just about anything! New moms hardly take time for themselves, and are lucky if they remember to shower, eat, or get out of their pajamas! By adding in a bar of chocolate, you’re reminding them that they need to be good to themselves too! They need to take a few minutes each day, take a deep breath, a big bite of chocolate, and remember that they are doing an amazing thing!

6) “Happy” Essential Oils- One of my favorite oils that I used to battle the baby blues is called “joy”. A sweet friend of mine let me borrow her oil and diffuser when she found out that I was having a hard time adjusting, and it really made a HUGE difference in my mood in the first few weeks after having my little one! Lavender is another great oil known to be a calming, soothing scent. You can either include oil and a diffuser, or make a homemade lavender candle like I did. This is one gift that both mom and baby will benefit from, as lavender is known to help promote more restful sleep as well!

7) Gift Card to her favorite restaurant- Some moms are lucky enough to have meal trains that last weeks! Other moms, however, are not as lucky and find themselves struggling to balance keeping up with the home, caring for a new baby, and cooking dinner. Make life a little easier by including a gift card to a nearby restaurant that provides take-out options. Even just one dinner is a huge help!

8) A cup of Tea- Coffee is usually out of the question for new moms who are nursing, but decaffeinated teas are a great alternative! New moms need to take time to relax, and having a hand-picked, meaningful teacup and a nice box of tea will remind them to do so. There are several types of tea that are safe to drink while breastfeeding including mother’s milk, rose hip, raspberry, lemon, and citrus peel. Stay away from peppermint or spearmint, as those can dry up their milk supply, and always check to be sure the herbal tea you’re buying is safe to consume while breastfeeding! Pair the box with a teacup or coffee mug that reminds you of that mother for a meaningful set!

9) A Journal- These days will fly by all too fast, and there are things she will wish she could remember about that first year! Give this new mom a journal for recording thoughts, moments, and emotions. It will also give her a therapeutic outlet for all the emotions she’ll be experiencing!

10) Encouraging Scripture Cards- Include printed cards with encouraging scriptures for the hard days ahead. These will come in handy during the “up-all-nights” and exhausting days where baby doesn’t want to be put down. You can either print them yourself, or buy a set like these adorable scripture cards on Etsy!

Here’s the free printable card to download and include in your gift to explain each item you included!

Free printable card for the ultimate new mom gift bag!

PDF File

By downloading, you are agreeing to my terms of use.

Do you have any other gifts for new moms to add to the list? Let me hear them!

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    What great ideas for new mothers. One of my favorite things would be a nice cozy pair of slippers. After my babies I wore slippers both around the hospital of course, but at home too. What I would’ve loved to have gotten would be a gift card for a pedicure or massage (actually I still want that). Lol. Great tips!

    • 2

      ash418@gmail.com says

      Ooohh! Slippers and a spa gift card! That sounds like heaven for a new mom or a mom of many years! It sounds especially amazing right now since I can’t reach my own toes. Haha! Great idea!

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