DIY Lemon Cake Sugar Scrub with Essential Oils

Simple lemon cake sugar scrub recipe using only a few ingredients! The Well Nourished Nest

Did the title of this post make you drool? It should have, because today’s DIY lemon cake sugar scrub smells just as good as it sounds! Any lemon cake or cookie fans out there? My hand is raised! I absolutely love the taste of anything lemon that’s sweet, and the smell is half the reason I [...]

The Toxin Free Home

Toxins in the home

Are you constantly looking for new ways to make your home a healthier, safer place for your family? I am! With two little ones constantly crawling, climbing, rolling, and dancing around our home, I am always on the lookout for hidden dangers. As mothers, it’s easy for us to spot the more obvious dangers like [...]

3 Delicious Summer Mocktail Recipes

Strawberry Limeade

Summer is here! Can you believe it? I have to say, where we live, summer has been here for quite some time now. All this heat has had me craving icy drinks and flip flops for the last few months, so I’m so excited to finally be able to enjoy all the local splash pads and pools. [...]

Father’s Day Crafts – Weeble Wobble Egg Carton Craft

Perfect Father's Day craft! Make an egg carton Weeble Wobble that looks just like dad!

With father’s day right around the corner, we’ve been busy working on some father’s day crafts for my hubby! Today’s craft was inspired by the classic children’s toys, “Weeble Wobbles”. Take a look! It was after playing with my 8 month old, that I came up with today’s craft. She has a couple of small [...]

Math Activities for Preschoolers – Button Counting

Math activities for preschoolers - button counting - The Well Nourished Nest

Today’s activity is one of several math activities for preschoolers we’ve created. This one is perfect for teaching counting and number recognition! I recently received the most amazing gift a homeschooling momma could ever receive: a custom made closet organizer!!! It’s actually a closet/cabinet that fits perfectly inside the closet that I was always most ashamed [...]

3 Ingredient Banana Pudding Recipe

Paleo banana pudding recipe with no added sugar! You won't believe how easy and delicious this is! The Well Nourished Nest

This 3 ingredient, banana pudding recipe is simple, healthy and delightfully sweet! One of my favorite desserts growing up was my mom’s banana pudding. It was by far one of the most satisfying desserts, with its layers of vanilla wafers between dollops of creamy pudding. It was one of those desserts I could turn into [...]

Why Our Kids Only Have 3 Rules

Parenting - Why we only have 3 rules - The Well Nourished Nest

Do you find, in parenting, that you’re constantly telling your kids no? Do you feel like you you’re always spouting off another thing that “we do not do in this household” because of reason x,y, or z? I was definitely there, momma. Up until just recently, I had at least 50 rules for my 3 year [...]

Letter of the Week – G is for Grapes

Letter of the week - G is for grapes - The Well Nourished Nest

Today’s letter in our letter of the week series is G. The fun activity emphasizes the letter sound while also giving a visual representation of the letter. Since beginning this letter of the week series, my daughter and I have had a lot of fun coming up with projects using the letters. I always try and let [...]

Tips for Breast Feeding in Public, Comfortably

Tips for breast feeding in public while staying modest! The Well Nourished Nest

Nursing in public can be a bit tricky! Here are my favorite tips for breast feeding in public, while staying comfortable and modest! If you are one of those “let it all hang out cause’ it’s natural” mamas, then this is not for you. While I have several friends like that, and love them and respect [...]

Indoor Games for Kids – Pasta Play

An indoor activitiy for preschoolers! Pasta Play! The Well Nourished Nest

When you need something to keep your little ones busy, having some indoor games for kids that you can grab is so helpful! Today’s activity is fun for all ages! Do any of you mommas feel like the craziest part of your day happens just as you’re getting dinner ready? For me, if my hubby [...]